The Aspire: Boraie Development’s Perfect Living Space

The real estate industry is slowing picking up in New Jersey. Forget about the old historic buildings that characterized this place, the city is now enlightened with new and modern state of the art building structures. All this success can be attributed to the efforts of one of the leading high-rise urban property development industries, Boraie Development. In today’s article am going to give a special mention to one building by name Aspire ad explain why it is the most sort after building in NJ right now.

According to an online publication Central Jersey Working Moms, Aspire is a 17 story high end luxury apartment conveniently located at the heart of New Brunswick. The strategic location of this building allows individuals easily commute by train from Manhattan to Philadelphia. This is not all, Aspire has a number of features that makes it appealing to the residents. Some of these features include; the 238 well spaces studio apartment, one-bedroom and larger two-bedroom layout units.

That aside, the Aspire is quite appealing to individuals with an eclectic taste. According to Boraie’s vice president in charge of development, Nancy, you can expect Aspire to accommodate your posh lifestyle. The building comes with fully-fitted service amenities. In addition to this you should expect top notch security when it comes to this building. Aspire comes with a 24 hour on guard doorman, an on-site management and maintenance team to guarantee the comfort of the occupants. The rooms are well designed allowing enough amount of natural lighting in.

The other house facilities worth mentioning include the kitchen equipment. If you are into cooking you can rest assured that Aspire has you covered. The building comes with gourmet kitchen, your cabinetry and countertops are customized to fit your style. Bathrooms too have not been left out, the developer was keen to incorporate designer shower cups and tubs, ceramic wall tiles and excellent flooring tiles that attract the eye. All the units comes with a good internet connection both wireless and cable and efficient heating and lighting systems. If you are interested in exercising you do not have to go far, Aspire has its in-built fitness center that is wide open for anybody no matter the time of day. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is a premier urban real estate development and management company with a keen eye on high end apartments. Founded and managed by Sam Boraie, this real estate is one that commands a huge following in most parts of America. Boraie Development LLC is mostly sorted after by investors because it provides an inclusive model for investors. Rest assured when working with Boraie Development all aspects of your real estate investment from development to sales will be taken care of by the experts.

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