The Crumbling Reliability Of American Politics Since 2015 Until The Present

Back in 2015, the public became aware of the fact that a Russian company has been buying political ads on Facebook in order to influence the presidential elections. The company apparently had ties with Kremlin, and although there is a ban on foreign campaign-directed money, barely any actions were undertaken in order to track the money or to prevent any future happenings like that.

The only investigation that was set in motion was by the Special Counsel Roer Mueller. He will be working on determining whether Donald Trump and his team were helping the Russian company meddle in American political elections. From the investigation party, a spokesperson stated that Washington would have nothing to do with the case and they refuse to take part in the investigation which rises even more suspicions both in the investigation party and n the public.

One of the matters that arose from the case was the vulnerability of American elections. The public and experts believe that election campaign are unreliable and often they are even falsified with no repercussions to the corrupted political candidate. The American government is not prepared for foreign meddling, and corrupted billionaires with personal agendas have an easy time achieving their goals even when the whole country has turned their eyes on them.


In 2016 around the presidential elections, there were Russian-bought political as worth more than a hundred thousand dollars advocating for Donald Trump and other political candidates. That might be only the beginning of the fall of the already crumbling American political system.

Organizations have stood up in answer to these threats that are already coming to life. One of these groups is the political action committee End Citizens United which arose in 2015 to fight against the decision of the Supreme Court from 2010 called Citizens United. The political action group has been advocating against Big Money in politics as such capital resources promote corruption in politicians and sway the results of elections. That is a severe problem that the government needs to combat and resolve, but so far, there has been very little done by the said government which makes the public feel less than trusting and comfortable with the current political climate that has set in after the new presidential election of 2016.

End Citizens United has a strong leader and members. The PAC is being led by former Kansas official Tiffany Muller who has been an advocate for acceptance for many a year. The political action committee has been achieving incredible success, and over the first three months of 2017, the PAC has achieved about 100 000 new members and supporters who have made a donation for the first time. End Citizens United is only getting started with combating corruption in politics.

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