The Definition of a Phenomenal Hedge Fund Manager

Kenneth Griffin is an investor that has drummed up billions and billions of dollars in investments over the course of his 30 year career. Ken Griffin has had notable mentions in magazines, such as Forbes Magazine and started his career much younger than the average investor, which gave him an incredible head start. A philanthropist and art lover as well as collector, he knows the difference between what works and what doesn’t, for he is a trendsetter in the world of not only investing, but art collecting and philanthropy as well.

Ken Griffin on got his start at Harvard University, where he received his first hedge fund that enabled him to invest into the stock markets. His ability to make a significant profit from his small hedge fund attracted the likes of hedge fund managers and as well as founders to investigate the young phenom. His uncanny ability to develop an effective investment thesis and execute on it, taking more factors into consideration than the average investor and knowing how much they affect the bottom line enabled him to make some pretty ingenious predictions over the course of his career, earning his family millions from the $200,000 initial investment that he received from them for his first hedge fund.

He received $1 million from Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC because he saw firsthand the elegance in which Kenneth Griffin invested. Kenneth was able to quickly turn that 1 million into 1.7 million, giving his new mentor a healthy profit for his investment. His mentor took him under his wing, teaching him the ropes of running a hedge fund effectively and inspiring him to set his goals higher than he had ever anticipated.

Eventually in 1990, he started his Citadel fund. His Citadel fund was initiated with $4.6 million and eventually grew to be funded well over $1 billion. For him to get to the billion dollar mark, it was not easy, yet he achieved what was set before him by effectively by making sure that his clients all made very healthy sums of money from his funds.

His ability to read the market is absolutely staggering. His ability to raise capital is phenomenal and his uncanny knack for hiring the correct talent enabled him to get more investors on board, essentially tripling and quadrupling his Citadel fund.

It is always nice when a person can help out when they have the money and this is something that Kenneth Griffin has more than any hedge fund manager on the face of the earth. In the last 10 years, Kenneth Griffin has donated over $200 million to Harvard’s scholarship endowment fund, making him one of Harvard universities largest contributors ever. He is also a major contributor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He, in total has donated over $500 million to various funds and organizations over the last 15 years

In addition to his inspiring philanthropic work, he is also quite an avid art collector. With paintings from all of the greats, he is most notable for spending the largest amount of money ever recorded for Paul Cézanne’s painting Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl in 1999 painting as well as a painting he bought from David Geffen for $80 million titled False Start by artist Jasper Johns.

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