The Positive Impact Kevin Seawright Makes in the Baltimore Community

Kevin Seawright, Founder and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions LLC serves the Baltimore, MD community offering affordable homes to first time buyers. RPS is a start-up joint partnership venture with a strong concentration on acquisition, asset management, government contracting, and development of assets in financially stressed neighborhoods. His mission is to rebuild those neighborhoods, thereby giving opportunities to first time homebuyers who are denied conventional mortgage loans to purchase a new home. RPS Solutions transforms financially stressed areas in Baltimore into livable and economically stable neighborhoods. Mr. Seawright has witnessed the successful of rebuilding such neighborhoods, nationally.

During an interview with Mr. Kevin Seawright on the Larry Young Morning Show, he stated to a live audience that he’s passionate about Baltimore’s homeownership. Their goal is to increase the city’s homeowners rate over 48 percent and develop a stable economic environment by creating job and housing opportunities. To improve neighborhoods in communities, developers know residents must invest into the city by purchasing homes. When neighborhoods are rebuilt, investors over the world seek opportunities to open businesses in redevelopment areas. That’s when the creation of jobs occur that also contribute to economic growth in the community.

As Managing Partner of RPS Solutions LLC, Mr. Seawright oversees complete operations of the affordable housing development in Baltimore. RPS was founded by Kevin in 2005 with the mission of fulfilling dreams for first time home buyers in the area. He’s helped hundreds to thousands of people in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Newark, NJ get into economical houses in their communities. Kevin Seawright has an MA in business administration and has held many positions throughout his career, including Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, and Finance Director, to name a few.

Mr. Seawright helps the citizens of Baltimore with the process of owning their first home. RPS professionals assist prospective homeowners with solutions for financing through networks of mortgage lenders and banks. The interview with Larry Young, which was broadcasted live on the radio show, gave Seawright the opportunity to speak to the citizens of Baltimore concerning opportunities for homeownership. Seawright continues to show the communities his commitment to increase the homeownership rate.  Follow Kevin on your own at SoundCloud.

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