The Services Offered By Computer Science Corporation

The Computer Science Corporation provides businesses with the technology solutions and services that they need. With an ever growing business industry as well as the information technology industry it is only smart that the two can join. Information technology is used in a wide range of fields today making our lives more simple and organized.

Cloud Services

One of the services that you most likely have heard about our cloud services. Many people are use to utilizing and accessing the cloud when it comes to storing documents, data, pictures and videos on a web-based service rather than on hard drives that they own. Some of the cloud applications and services provided by the Computer Science Corporation allows businesses and enterprises to reduce costs provide agility within their business as well as to accelerate innovation. The cloud based service offered by the computer science corporation is known as the CSC agility platform. This platform is for use with hybrid cloud management which will put you on the path to a complete cloud-powered business transformation.

CyberSecurity Application and Services

Another service offered by Computer Science Corporation are cybersecurity solutions and consulting. Individuals and businesses have been trusting the Computer Science Corporation for over 40 years with their cybersecurity needs. There are many different levels of cybersecurity and many different reasons why you may need it. No matter what they need is or how secure you need to be the Computer Science Corporation can help. They also offer services and solutions in big data and in mobility applications.

Former Leader of Cloud at the Computer Science Corporation

The former vice president and general manager of cloud services and solutions at Computer Science corporation was Eric Pulier. Eric was born and raised in Teaneck New Jersey and has been involved with information technology since the 4th grade. It was then that he began programming computers and by the time he was in high school he had already started a database computer company. His studies of higher education or at the Harvard University beginning in 1984. He moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and was the founder of people do things.He was also part of the presidential technology exposition and DC known as the bridge to the 21st century. He also is a participant and supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative. He is also involves many different philanthropy efforts including non-profit organizations .

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