Want Better Hair, try Shea Butter


Most everyone wants their own style, and a beauty that by their definition helps retain a portion of that style. Whether it’s clothing or hair, style is what helps define us. But healthy skin and the right hair style are synonymous with that style. A way to help achieve a healthy looking skin and the perfect looking hair is to use a little known remedy involving shea butter.


A lot of health conscious skin products use shea butter as an active ingredient. What most people do not realize is the health benefits she butter has for your hair. As shea butter is healthy for skin cells, it is also healthy for hair.


One company in particular that uses shea butter in their products is Eugenia Shea. They promote healthy use of shea by applying it to your hands, your feet, your face, and yes, even your hair. Eugenia Shea provides an array of products using shea, but unlike the competition who only uses 25% shea in products, Eugenia Shea uses up to 95% shea.


Eugenia Shea is rooted in rich history. Though only started in 2014, the founders come from Ghanaian ancestry where shea butter originates. The company continues to farm shea butter from Ghana and provides its female workers a good working wage as well as reinvest 15% of proceeds back toward those Ghanaian women.


As shea butter becomes more popular and useful as a health and beauty product, and to help set a style, it is no wonder that it has many applications for hair care. When done with the right mixture of coconut oil, shea butter can be used for curling hair, styling hair, detangling hair and for those with dry scalp, curing and moisturizing hair.


The nutrients and vitamins found in shea butter, especially Vitaming E are what provide so much moisture and revitalization to skin cells. Adding shea butter as a hair moisturizer will enhance every aspect of styling hair from washing, conditioning to curling and styling. Shea Butter may not define you, but it will certainly help you to have a healthier definition.

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