Wengie Recap: Foods DIYs and Hacks

YouTube beauty and lifestyle blogger Wengie shares tips and DIYs about food. Wengie’s first hack is to put a marshmallow in the bottom of an ice cream cone to keep it from dripping on a hot day. Next, she suggests freezing flavored cordials or Kool-Aid into cubes to cool and flavor your water at the same time. It is like making your own custom soda!


Wengie’s next hack is to make a fruit salad more fun by layering different colored fruits onto skewers. Then, she shows how to slice an orange more easily. Cut off the top and bottom, slice an opening down the side, and the orange will fold open into wedges. Next, Wengie suggests perking up plain water with giant fruit ice cubes made of water, lemon, berries, and fresh mint.


Her next idea is to cut a mango in half, then use a large glass to scoop the fruit out of its peel; this helps reduce mess. Next, Wengie shows how to peel a banana upside down for easier opening. Then she shows how to eat watermelon without getting it on your face. Simply cut the watermelon edges off into a diamond shape instead of a triangle so it is not as wide.


Wengie’s next hack is to remove kiwi skin with a spoon. Slice off the ends, then slide a spoon around the edge and slide the fruit out of its skin. Then she suggests layering a salad in a glass jar to take it with you to work or school. Wengie’s final idea is to de-stem strawberries by pushing a straw up through the bottom of the berry.

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