Whitney Wolfe Herd Has New Focus For Bumble

One thing you have to admit about Bumble is that it managed to reach the top without any of the usual hype machines going for it. The dating app is currently the fastest growing app out there and it’s entirely due to the way that Whitney Wolfe Herd has decided to run the app. In every heterosexual encounter women are the first ones to make contact on Bumble. That’s something that changes the dynamics greatly. It’s currently the most popular dating app among young people for this very reason, but the future has much better in store for Bumble.

Wolfe is trying to make Bumble much more than a dating app. She wants to turn this into one of the most respected and successful apps in general with a number of different purposes. She has added Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz to help give the app the ability to expand upon what it will offer people. Her efforts to turn Bumble into something much greater are the reason the app is becoming so large. It’s so large she has managed to produce million dollar fortune, but her real ambitions lie in creating something much larger and sophisticated. She wants to produce a billion dollar empire and this is her best bet to do it.

Whitney Wolfe Herd was already accomplished in the world of tech before she decided to create Bumble. Her ability to work in various projects and produce something that people wanted is what allowed her to reach her current status. Others in the world of tech are trying to follow suit as she sets an example of what tech companies should strive for. There are going to be people who decide to follow in her footsteps and do exactly what she has been planning for themselves. Bumble is a model for how the future should look.

With so much success before her 30th birthday she is far beyond what most Chief Executive Officer could even dream of becoming. Wolfe has laid out a plant that will help her win and succeed many years from now. The key to success in the world of business is to find a vision and give people a way of understanding how you will use it to make their lives better. That’s exactly what makes Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble both a feminist success story and an excellent plan overall. Bumble has proven that female empower is a lucrative move. It’s only a matter of time before other apps decide to take this idea for themselves.

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