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For far too long, men have ruled the roost when it comes to writing and editing. We women have been left out in the cold. Many feel we have nothing valuable to contribute on Wikipedia. In truth, we do. We see things from a different perspective. I feel it is high time more women took over the writing/editing gender gap for Wikipedia.

With that being, there are a few things which need to be discussed. I say this as one woman to another. Women can be hugely successful on Wikipedia, we just have to remember a few things.


We have been feeling lack of empowerment for far too long. Due to this, some of us like to springboard into action. We do one of two things. We either think too much or don’t use our heads enough. In other words, we allow our emotions to drive the car. There are so many subjects that we can relate to, but it needs to be done in a constructive manner. I am a woman and have been very successful with Wikipedia. I encourage other women to take these tips to heart.

You know how we are always telling men “It’s not always about you.” Same rules apply here with us. It’s not about us, even in the writing/editing process. We must find a way to get our points across, without including our egos says

Another lesson, only include the facts. This is not about our opinion, it’s not even about my opinion. Opinions don’t matter here. Your readers only want to read the cold, hard facts. Unless you have some major awareness of what you are writing about, don’t write about it.

The biggest mistake some of us make is we let our personal feelings get involved. I have also made this mistake in the beginning. Learn from this. Just do the research and contribute what you have learned. In a way you have to play the game. In a way you have to think like a man. Sometimes you have to do this to get ahead.

Another thing we need to limit is how much we care. Let’s be honest, guys just don’t care. Guys don’t get involved. Guys just do the job and that is it. We women get more emotionally involved in the writing/editing process. The more we limit our involvement, the more successful we will be with Wikipedia.

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